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Ireland are debarred from the 2015 Cricket World Cup

We should not be too surprised by the decision of the International Cricket Council (ICC) to deny Ireland and 94 other countries the opportunity to play in the 2015 World Cricket Cup One-day. After all it is now common practice … Continue reading

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With the arrival of spring comes the urge to get back out on the field

There was an air of spring about last weekend. The lawnmower brigade was out last Saturday and the smell of cut grass filled the air with expectations of championship hurling and football. For the first time this year the thought … Continue reading

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Are our current Cricket team the greatest Irish team ever?

We live in an era of hyperbole. Everyday we are told that we are in the worst recession ever; we have experienced the coldest winter ever; last week we held the most important general election ever and the Ireland Cricket team is now the greatest Irish team ever. Continue reading

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Two books that look at different aspects of Cork’s local sporting history

It is very difficult to come up with a true definition of what is history. The Roman philosopher Cicero said that “History is a witness that testifies to the passing of time; it illuminates reality, vitalises memory, provides guidance in … Continue reading

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The Left Handed Sportsman

There was one thing certain about yesterday’s United States presidential election long before the citizens cast their votes. That was that the next president of the USA would be left handed. In fact three of the last four presidents of … Continue reading

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