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St Patricks Boys National School, Brian Dillons Hurling and Football Club and their entwined history

On the 29th of November 1937, almost 75 years ago, 261 boys came to school at the old St Patricks Boys National School at St Lukes Cross, Cork. When everyone was settled down and accounted for, the boys and their … Continue reading

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Death of Teofilio Stevenson. Arguably the Greatest Olympic Boxer of All TIme

…by staying loyal to Cuba and its communist ideals, Stevenson snubbed the USA. Uncle Sam does not forgive such insolence. Cuba has survived a USA led economic embargo for 50 years. The success of Teófilo Stevenson in boxing is an example of Cuban defiance of this embargo. Continue reading

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There are far more important thing in life and sport than a handshake between Suarez and Evra. Ask Tommy Smith or the family of Robert Enke

There is something very strange when two individuals, whose main claim to fame is that they can hurl insults at each other, receive more attention than important historical moments. Continue reading

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Pakey Mahony – The Boxer from Blackpool

About 18 months ago I decided that I wanted to know more about the man from Blackpool who fought for the Empire title and who ended up training the great Cork and Blackrock hurling teams of the 1920s. I started asking questions and collecting information about Pakey. Continue reading

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Are our current Cricket team the greatest Irish team ever?

We live in an era of hyperbole. Everyday we are told that we are in the worst recession ever; we have experienced the coldest winter ever; last week we held the most important general election ever and the Ireland Cricket team is now the greatest Irish team ever. Continue reading

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The Left Handed Sportsman

There was one thing certain about yesterday’s United States presidential election long before the citizens cast their votes. That was that the next president of the USA would be left handed. In fact three of the last four presidents of … Continue reading

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