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Winning Streaks

Have you ever noticed how different years, or different sports seasons, can be defined by a series of similar feats or incidents? Take the Premiership season just finished in Britain; it will be remembered – if it is remembered at … Continue reading

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The Chicago White Sox at the New York Yankees April 28th 2010

I had a short break in New York during the week between Easter Sunday and the May Bank Holiday. It was my third trip to New York. I did a tour of the Old Yankee Stadium in the off-season of … Continue reading

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With the arrival of spring comes the urge to get back out on the field

There was an air of spring about last weekend. The lawnmower brigade was out last Saturday and the smell of cut grass filled the air with expectations of championship hurling and football. For the first time this year the thought … Continue reading

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The Left Handed Sportsman

There was one thing certain about yesterday’s United States presidential election long before the citizens cast their votes. That was that the next president of the USA would be left handed. In fact three of the last four presidents of … Continue reading

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